Welcome! My name is Elizabette and I am a naturalista, pre-law student, and pro-black activist. This blog is a platform for growing black businesses especially in the beauty isle to gain exposure. I’ve created this blog because like many of you who are reading this, I’ve grown very weary of most of the well known beauty bloggers. Why? Well.. you know why! First, their reviews are almost always influenced by the paycheck they are receiving. Secondly, I’ve noticed a dramatic shift in the climate of the ‘famous’ naturalistas. Two years ago we were all about supporting black owned/women owned small businesses. Now I am noticing more and more high paid bloggers shift to long standing beauty giants like Palmers, Pantene, Suave, and you know.. other brands that were never really for US. Once again, I will reiterate that this blog features exclusively black owned businesses with very very few exceptions (that might happen once in a blue moon and with a disclaimer!). The brands I feature are tried and true for me. Before posting, I’ll make sure I do research not only on the quality of the product… but the integrity of the brand itself. Thats a #MajorKEY!

One more thing I’d like to add is that this blog is geared towards type 4 natural hair. So if you’re hair grows up and out like mine does (see below) then this is the blog for you!                           IMG_3311

I will make distinctions between products I think work best for 4a/4b hair, and what works best for 4c hair. I’ll also include posts about how to identify your hair type, porosity, and figuring out what your hair actually needs. If you’re looking for a blog to tell you buy a bunch of shiny new products that will just sit in your closet and expire – this isn’t the one for you. My goal is to help you find products and a regimen that WILL work for you. No more wasting money! and especially not wasting money on products that are not made for US.

As for skin care, you can also see in the photo above that I have acne prone skin (Back, arms, and face). I’ve switched to all natural (black owned) skin care brands and I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in my skin. I’ll be featuring those as well! Unfortunately, these reviews will be limited to what works for my skin type. I have sensitive, dry/oily skin that is prone to blackheads, so all of my product reviews for skin will be geared towards assisting those problem areas.

Have you noticed a difference yet? I’m already letting you know that there is a distinction between what works for me, and what works for you. When I said you won’t be wasting any money, I meant it.

See you Sunday!

Love, light



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  1. Wow. I was just going through Instagram and ran into your blog. I am amazed at this interview and how your step dad still wants to make a positive impact in society. I love this and his story. I feel like I was able to understand his heart and how he his take on life. I found it to be inspiring 💙💯


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